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What Three Words

I just had to share this ….Do they somehow know about my early morning dance parties? Those are a real thing…as is my bad singing.

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GPUs Just went on Sale. GO BUY THEM NOW!

am not sure if you are in the market for a new Graphics card or not, but if you are – Go buy them NOW. In advance of the 40 series cards forthcoming from Nvidia, in combination with the near collapse of bitcoin mining and NFTs, the graphics card manufacturers have found themselves with a surplus of 30 series cards. They are priced to sell. Now selling UNDER MSRP for the first time since before Covid.

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Things I thought I would NEVER Say: ‘Wow! I would totally buy that Buick!’

I literally found myself thinking – Yeah I could totally see myself getting something like that. Imagine that. Me in a Buick.

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Helpful: Shh…This is Unsafe

Have you ever found yourself navigating to a site and getting the SSL warning from Chrome letting you know that the site is not private or does not have a valid certificate? This is obviously a good security warning practice in 99.5% of the time. However, if you are like me – you may have […]

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Helpful: Internet Outages

Mohit Lad and I easily go back at least 10 years and I have been a big fan of 1kEyes since its inception. This is a public view of some of the capabilities of the tool. Its a tool that I run to often when things are amiss. \Mm

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Michael Manos Leading the Panel Discussion
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Merchants Advisory Group Annual Meeting Redux

Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of hosting a panel on the technology architecture, software development, and infrastructure stacks required across the payment landscape of today’s regulatory and business demand. Fintech (in all of its flavors and varieties) of course is a hot topic and the attendance in the room was a good indicator […]

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Running your own private Certificate Authority + RFC8555 delivery

In announcement today via blog by Mike Malone, Small Step announced version v0.13.0 which will allow you to essentially build and run your own ACME based Certificate Authority. While I have not played with this yet, I can tell you that this is a functionality I have been looking for across a couple of personal […]

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Linux Laptop - System 76 DarterPro
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A New Linux Laptop

After an incredibly long run, it was time for me to get a new Linux laptop. A System76 Darter Pro.

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Sharing One Keyboard and Mouse across multiple machines…

It is an exceptionally handy app that allows you to control up to 4 machines with a single mouse and keyboard. You can still use the directly attached devices but this ultimately allows you to seamlessly move mouse and keyboard across the different machines in one physical work space.

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