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The HP Dev One: Another Play date with Linux? or an evolving change in direction for System 76?

News breaking that HP will be announcing their HP Dev One laptop. An AMD-based 14 inch laptop running the Pop!_OS Ubuntu distribution targeted at the $1099 price point. With 16GB, an AMD Ryzen Pro processor and a 1TB NVME drive. It doesnt sound too bad. Most of my information is coming from liliputing, Phoronix, BetaNews […]

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My new Daily Driver: The XPS 15 9520
Hardware Linux

My new daily driver

Occasionally I get asked about my personal “daily driver” laptop. For those of you who dont know me – I work almost exclusively in Linux for my day to day machine. Sure I have a company-issued Windows laptop and an additional home machine that I use for windows-y exclusive things but I just find that […]

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Linux WIFI

Helpful: Getting Intel Killer Wifi 6 interfaces to work on Linux via back-porting.

This is more for my personal use as I needed a place to drop this ,but if its helpful for you – enjoy! I have been fiddizzling with a Dell XPS 15 and trying to get a modern version of Kubuntu to work on it. Its been a challenge somewhere between the bios, the kernel, […]

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Teams Comes to Linux

As many of you know my primary machine for both work and fun is a Linux box. For most work related things I just use the VMWARE Horizon client to get what I need done in my normal work environment. The reality is that my life resembles a frantic split-brained set of efforts that require […]

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Running your own private Certificate Authority + RFC8555 delivery

In announcement today via blog by Mike Malone, Small Step announced version v0.13.0 which will allow you to essentially build and run your own ACME based Certificate Authority. While I have not played with this yet, I can tell you that this is a functionality I have been looking for across a couple of personal […]

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Linux Laptop - System 76 DarterPro
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A New Linux Laptop

After an incredibly long run, it was time for me to get a new Linux laptop. A System76 Darter Pro.

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