What Caught my Eye – Week Ending July 8, 2022

Each week I read through a crazy amount of content. Who knows what will catch my eye. Some times I may devote an entire post to something, other times it may just be little mind worms that either inspire me, make me mad or even laugh. You never know what I may put here. I have an eclectic collection of interests in life. Items are posted in no particular order, and I will provide the full link to the articles in case anyone is interested in checking them out.

TL;DR? This week we cover a quick set of links covering :

  1. From Mail drops to Continued Tear Drops – The Mail Client Blues
  2. Nolan, Nostalgia, and a wonderful quick trip down memory lane
  3. Radio Shack – Socials, Sex, and Sunsets
  4. Time to Build a new PC? Maybe not – But you likely need THESE
  5. Afterall, a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into – proven.

From Mail drops to Continued Tear Drops – The Mail Client Blues

That heavy sigh you heard over the Internet was sourced from the IP Address of my microphone. I was so excited to hear that the new version of Thunderbird dropped and overall it definitely has made some good progress. If I am being fair and balanced it is an absolutely solid release and definitely adds some comfort features that I have been desperately anticipating for a long time like a truly decent contacts interface and auto-scaling! It is also probably the most full featured mail client available in Linux today. But I just cant shake the feeling that we as a community to do something better in this space. I eagerly check every single new mail app that I find out about. An example of that would be the news around Skiff earlier last week. I use Hiri For most of my personal stuff. I think its probably one of the more beautiful and intuitive clients out there. But I still needed to add a bunch of “skills” to get it closer to what I am looking for and its still lacking. Why is it so hard to find good balance on form and function in area that has been around since the very beginning of the Internet. Regardless – The discovery that Outlook has been harvesting all URL links in personal mails you receive and sends it off to Bing to be auto-indexed. On a certain level I get that they need every trick in the book to try and achieve near relevance however this feels like a dirty creeper, staring into my bedroom window to see what television shows I am watching each night. Creepy. Creepers.

Nolan, Nostalgia, and a wonderful quick trip down memory lane

There was a great interview with Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and its 50th Anniversary! It totally dragged me back to my childhood and initial fascination with technology. While the interview focused more about Nolan and his remembrances on the journey of Atari. The art, photos and more were awesome. His quotes about never having enough memory is pain that I dont think many developers today will experience. Warning: It did make me feel old. 🙂

Radio Shack – Socials, Sex, and Sunsets

What the hell is going on with the Radio Shack Twitter Account? I am sure they dont have a ton of followers these days. For an iconic brand that many probably thought has already gone on to that good night. It turns out that their online presence is a saucy hot mess of strangeness. One would think upon reading those post that the brand had been hacked by 12 year olds. Turns out, its their CEO and its all on purpose. You can read more about it here.

Time to Build a new PC? Maybe not – But you likely need THESE

I read a pretty well written post on Digital Trends on why today may not be the best time to build a new computer. Of course I read that after I built my nephews Motobuild rig, but to be fair, we weren’t going for a gaming primary rig. The gist of the article is that the release of DDR5 is not widely supported on most motherboards, and that the next generation of video cards are just around the corner. All of that may be true. But I would tell you that while 30XX series NVidia cards are once again widely available, one the 40XX series comes out – You will likely not be able to find either. I expect the 40 series stuff will sell out very fast and the price point will be prohibitive for many. That will move the demand to to 30XX series immediately and they have stated emphatically that they will not be building new 30 series stock. So I would be pre-buying some parts now especially if you dont need the out of this world graphics cards. But may be – like me – You are going to go for the bigger card. The power requirements I am hearing for most of these cards are going to drive incredible power supply requirements. Im thinking 1000 watt to 1600 watt units. I am willing to bet that those things get constrained almost immediately as well. Don’t forget that you will have to cool all that heat… make sure you grab some significant water cooling pumps, reservoirs, and more to boot. Anyone want to take bets?

Afterall, a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into – proven.

Where is my laptop?

This week Starlink announced a brand new ruggedized version call Starlink Maritime. Its definitely a niche market that that they could totally own. But a $10,000 start up cost combined with a $5,000/ month subscription fee puts the final period on the statement that a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into. At those levels, it may be wheel barrels of money into dump into. Additionally, the main customer base at this level is mostly comprised of Russian Oligarchs who are decidedly not sailing around these days. Now in full transparency I was just notified that my own Starlink kit is now ready to ship and I am excited beyond measure for it. You should completely expect posts on my adventures in setting it up. Once I get it working, I may even put on my captains hat, blast some Yacht Rock, and browse the web off the back deck.


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