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What Caught My Eye – Week Ending June 25, 2022

This week I share another moment of Zen video stream, the right way to do outages, A little son inspired mediation, an insider gets their day in court, and Ultraman. Thats right. I said Ultraman.

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Custom Builds Hardware

MotoMadness Build – The Final Chapter

Well after having a weeklong gap from home having to do some work related travel I was back at it with the MotoMadness build. It was so close I could taste it. I picked up some additional fans, RGB hubs, and the like to troubleshoot the back fan issue. My fear is that it was […]

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Change Marketing What Caught My Eye

What Caught My Eye – Week Ending June 18, 2022

This week I cover :
Harbinger Households – Potential Confirmation bias, but I swear I know people like this.

The mall is dead. Long live the mall – Interesting re-developments of dead mall space

How I met your Doctor aka Dr. Who’s 60th Anniversary – Who will Neil Patrick Harris be?

Feed your Brain on OpenSSL – Was trying to find a great overview for a young learner and found this great series.

NFT’s For Dummies – A Pretty good overview for those struggling

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Custom Builds Hardware

MotoMadness Build Part Two

After receiving the new ROG 850W Power Supply Unit I once again ventured into the build and got to work. The new PSU worked like a champ it only took a few moments to throw the proverbial (and literal) switch.

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What Caught My Eye – Week Ending 6/11/22

Interesting items this week – The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch found? Could I have found the secret of immortality? Will the real slim Shake-y please stand up? The power and impact of fonts and past conversations. And finally some really interesting crap!

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Custom Builds Hardware

MotoMadness Build Part One

My nephew’s birthday is fast approaching and I decided to give the little guy his first real computer. But of course it’s me, and I cannot just get him some kind of standard off-the-shelf straight from Best Buy kind of system. Its just not in my idiom.

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Audiophile Music Review

Just Wow: Klipsch Reference Premier 600M II

This weekend I finally got my hands on a new pair of Klipsch Reference Premier 600M II shelf speakers. Wow. I mean just wow.

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What Caught My Eye – Week Ending 6/4/22

TL;DR? This week we cover a quick set of links covering : NASA plays the songs of the universe, AIM Messenger Away Message – Is our Future in our past? Learning how to learn, Discord adds text to voice channels, and a python web proxy scraper.

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Change Leadership Transformation Work Stuff

The Circular Mean of Organizational Transformation

… Or maybe … A Perhaps more nuanced and practical application of Rohn’s Average of Five rule. I probably lost half the potential readers of this blog post by just posting a picture of that equation. But fear not intrepid reader! There is no math required for this post. Its more an observational approach of […]

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EV Opinion / Rant Useful Tech

Things I thought I would NEVER Say: ‘Wow! I would totally buy that Buick!’

I literally found myself thinking – Yeah I could totally see myself getting something like that. Imagine that. Me in a Buick.

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