GPUs Just went on Sale. GO BUY THEM NOW!

Prices Falling!

I am not sure if you are in the market for a new Graphics card or not, but if you are – Go buy them NOW. In advance of the 40 series cards forthcoming from Nvidia, in combination with the near collapse of bitcoin mining and NFTs, the graphics card manufacturers have found themselves with a surplus of 30 series cards. They are priced to sell. Now selling UNDER MSRP for the first time since before Covid.

Bottom line here is that these sales will likely continue (and maybe even drop more) in advance of the formal release of the new 40s. I would however recommend that you get out there and buy them now. The good cards will likely go very fast. I would expect that with these price drops the other manufacturers (Radeon, Intel, etc) will follow suit in dropping their prices as well.

For Founder edition cards (sold exclusively through Best Buy – which means that NVIDIA controls the pricing) are priced to sell. For example you can get a 3090 TI for just $100 over the 3090 which itself has been discounted. Even other OEM cards have fallen dramatically. Although to be fair it does not look like Amazon has yet modified their prices, they have been reflected at EVGA’s site as well as NewEgg.

That’s my hot tip for the month. 🙂


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