Day: July 15, 2022

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GPUs Just went on Sale. GO BUY THEM NOW!

am not sure if you are in the market for a new Graphics card or not, but if you are – Go buy them NOW. In advance of the 40 series cards forthcoming from Nvidia, in combination with the near collapse of bitcoin mining and NFTs, the graphics card manufacturers have found themselves with a surplus of 30 series cards. They are priced to sell. Now selling UNDER MSRP for the first time since before Covid.

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What Caught my Eye – Week Ending July 16, 2022

This week my attention turns first to the incredible images, tech, and accomplishments of the Webb telescope then moves to helpful little article on networking in Kubernetes. Always the fashionable one (NOT) I was excited about Nanoleaf announcing the black color-way while I was busy preparing and delivering the the motobuild to its ultimate owner. Finally – Next Level French Fry and Ketchup mastery,

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