May the 4th Appreciation Session
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On the weight and lift of appreciation

Recession and rumors of recession. Not quite as biblical in its tone as the original reference but it is hard to miss the growing clamor around the job market. Some think that technologists (developers, infrastructure, cloud, IT professionals) will continue to be in high demand, others say that along with the trendy terms like Great […]

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A quick pose with Shreya Shah the mastermind behind our Diwali celebration
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Diwali 2019

Diwali came late to the Terrell Mill campus at Fiserv this year. For reasons too numerous to mention, our celebration slipped past the actual Diwali holiday into the following week. But that delay did nothing to dampen joy and celebration as we observed it at work. The Festival of lights is an Indian holiday that […]

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Michael Manos Leading the Panel Discussion
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Merchants Advisory Group Annual Meeting Redux

Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of hosting a panel on the technology architecture, software development, and infrastructure stacks required across the payment landscape of today’s regulatory and business demand. Fintech (in all of its flavors and varieties) of course is a hot topic and the attendance in the room was a good indicator […]

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Keynote Event: Merchant Advisory Group Tech Forum

I will be hosting the Keynote event at the Merchant Advisory Group Annual Conference in Scottsdale Sept 17-19, 2019.

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