Leadership means taking an active interest in your people.

In my humble opinion, leadership means you absolutely must take an active and genuine interest in your people. People can smell a phony from far away. But sincerity is always heard at an emotional level even if the feedback is unwelcome, constructive, or challenging. This is especially true with technology-oriented organizations where pragmatism and cynicism are often conflated and trust must universally be earned. \Mm

Leadership Gameplan

Is Emotional Intelligence in a Leader Important in a Tech-led Turn Around?

I was recently reflecting on and inspired by an article I read by Ross Kingsland which was published over a year ago on the topic of the Emotional Intelligence myth in leadership.  His article focuses on the role of the leader and whether or not emotional intelligence (or EQ) has any measurable effectiveness in the area of leadership.   In fact he even points out that the entire application of Emotional Intelligence in leadership as a discipline is only mentioned a single time in the original research done by Daniel Goleman. One thing that you must understand is that on the weekends I become a voracious consumer of information and data.  Its that quiet time of the week when the pressing issues and …