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What Caught My Eye – Week Ending June 18, 2022

This week I cover :
Harbinger Households – Potential Confirmation bias, but I swear I know people like this.

The mall is dead. Long live the mall – Interesting re-developments of dead mall space

How I met your Doctor aka Dr. Who’s 60th Anniversary – Who will Neil Patrick Harris be?

Feed your Brain on OpenSSL – Was trying to find a great overview for a young learner and found this great series.

NFT’s For Dummies – A Pretty good overview for those struggling

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Change Leadership Transformation Work Stuff

The Circular Mean of Organizational Transformation

… Or maybe … A Perhaps more nuanced and practical application of Rohn’s Average of Five rule. I probably lost half the potential readers of this blog post by just posting a picture of that equation. But fear not intrepid reader! There is no math required for this post. Its more an observational approach of […]

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May the 4th Appreciation Session
Change Dun & Bradstreet Events Leadership

On the weight and lift of appreciation

Recession and rumors of recession. Not quite as biblical in its tone as the original reference but it is hard to miss the growing clamor around the job market. Some think that technologists (developers, infrastructure, cloud, IT professionals) will continue to be in high demand, others say that along with the trendy terms like Great […]

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