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What Caught My Eye – Week Ending 6/4/22

TL;DR? This week we cover a quick set of links covering : NASA plays the songs of the universe, AIM Messenger Away Message – Is our Future in our past? Learning how to learn, Discord adds text to voice channels, and a python web proxy scraper.

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Burning the Candles, Thanks Corona Style

Your IT Engineers ensure, that your business can still run
While at home you sit complain that isolation is not fun.

And to that note, the network teams who hard at work perform
Ensuring uptime, traffic shaping, temples rubbed raw, worn…..

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Teams Comes to Linux

As many of you know my primary machine for both work and fun is a Linux box. For most work related things I just use the VMWARE Horizon client to get what I need done in my normal work environment. The reality is that my life resembles a frantic split-brained set of efforts that require […]

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A Budding Computer Scientist
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A Game of Monster: One Technology nut’s 5 ways of dealing with Technology burn-out.

When your passion becomes work, you run the risk of dimming your fire just a little, then a little more, then you begin to fatigue. When your job also includes high amounts of stress – that fire is in danger of going out completely.

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