What Caught My Eye – Week Ending 6/4/22

Each week I read through a crazy amount of content. Who knows what will catch my eye. Some times I may devote an entire post to something, other times it may just be little mind worms that either inspire me, make me mad or even laugh. You never know what I may put here. I have an eclectic collection of interests in life. Items are posted in no particular order, and I will provide the full link to the articles in case anyone is interested in checking them out.

TL;DR? This week we cover a quick set of links covering :

  1. NASA plays the songs of the universe – Putting the stars to music is eerie and calming.
  2. AIM Messenger Away Message – The Guide Rails of our connected future?
  3. Learning How to Learn – A survival Guide for modern Technologists
  4. About Time – Discord to add Text to Voice Channels
  5. Python Web Proxy Scraping Repository

NASA Plays the songs of the Universe

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has an interesting little set of projects “sonifying “pictures and data from our neighbors in the universe. Not sure what kind of scientific value it brings but I thought it was neat. Its strangely eerie and calming. Also please note that there are different ways to play the data. Note the Composite, Xray, Infrared and Optical options. Here are some samples. Enjoy!

September 22, 2020 – The Milky Way Galactic Center, Cassiopeia A, The Pillars of Creation (M16)

November 30, 2020 – Bullet Cluster, Crab Nebula, Supernova 1987A

March 24, 2021- Chandra Deep Field South, Cat’s Eye Nebula, Messier 51 (Whirlpool Galaxy 51)

September 16, 2021– Westerlund 2, Tycho’s Supernova Remnant, Messier 87 (M87)

AIM Messenger Away Message – The Guide Rails of our connected future?

Everything old is new again! Sort of. Having had the pleasure of running the AIM teams at AOL during our turn-around this Wired Article struck home with me. In our search for controlling our connected future, was the answer already there at the birth of our online world?

Learning How to Learn – A survival Guide for Modern Technologists

This article from NextWeb really hit an area that is a real sore spot with me. Not to sound like the old man who would yell at you to get off his grass, but back in my day we were not taught so much individual programming languages as we were the basic concepts to learn ANY programming language. It boiled down to learning how to learn. Colleges and Universities today focus so much on individual languages that its creating a culture where new developers go deep language to language. Maybe a bit of confirmation bias… but I see it.

About Time – Discord to Add Text to Voice Channels

In the It’s about time category online chat/voice platform Discord has finally added Text side section to its voice channels. I use it Discord to chat with college friends, gaming groups, my kids, and its become a bit ubiquitous in my home life. It always aggravated me that when I wanted to share some other media I had to break out to a text channel. No longer. Progress.

Python Web Proxy Scraping Repository

Found this little gem on GitHub. Was looking to build a quick little app for a home project to spider and scrape URLs. Its a pick up of an older no-longer supported repository but so far working well. Sometimes I place stuff here to remind myself later you know!


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