C / C++ Development Literature Reading Review

Strangely hard to get but worth the wait – Embracing Modern C++ Safely

I have to say that this turned into a strange journey for me. There are a few modern C/C++ Developers I read, follow, watch, and generally dig. I had heard some hushed chatter about a newish book release by Pearson Addison- Wesley called ‘Embracing Modern C++ Safely’ a collaboration work written by a bunch of […]

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Audiophile Music Review

Just Wow: Klipsch Reference Premier 600M II

This weekend I finally got my hands on a new pair of Klipsch Reference Premier 600M II shelf speakers. Wow. I mean just wow.

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A spoonful of Kool-Aid
Other Review

Inside Bill’s Brain : An infomercial chockful of tang

I finally had a chance this weekend to sit down and watch the three-part Netflix documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain” about Bill Gates. As someone who worked at Microsoft in the waning years of significant “Bill involvement” through his transition into his next chapter of life, I was really curious how he would be portrayed in […]

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Linux Laptop - System 76 DarterPro
Hardware Linux Review Useful Tech

A New Linux Laptop

After an incredibly long run, it was time for me to get a new Linux laptop. A System76 Darter Pro.

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