Day: July 1, 2022

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What Caught My Eye – Week Ending July 1, 2022

What Caught my Eye This week? Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are Dozers, Find the source of Bluetooth (The OG version), Getting into the math of magic. Exploration of Lost Lizard cities in Los Angeles, and VI is not dead. The usual weird mix from me.

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C / C++ Development Literature Reading Review

Strangely hard to get but worth the wait – Embracing Modern C++ Safely

I have to say that this turned into a strange journey for me. There are a few modern C/C++ Developers I read, follow, watch, and generally dig. I had heard some hushed chatter about a newish book release by Pearson Addison- Wesley called ‘Embracing Modern C++ Safely’ a collaboration work written by a bunch of […]

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