Burning the Candles, Thanks Corona Style

Your IT Engineers ensure, that your business can still run

While at home you sit complain that isolation is not fun.

And to that note, the network teams who hard at work perform

Ensuring uptime, traffic shaping, temples rubbed raw, worn.

The DC Engineers, who you often do forget,

Now essential to the whole, on site & most important yet.

While nowhere not as critical as those saintly hospital crews,

Without these folks on the watch, we’d have a lot to lose.

Your job, supplies, and things to eat just to name a few,

Today tech is behind it all, I know you know it’s true.

So as you sit and ponder, just how this world has changed

Give a nod to those who watch the bits, and allow to work at range.

I’m sure that things wont work at first or in the dark go bump,

But fixed they’ll get regardless of stock price or market slump.

To deliver under pressure is not to them so new,

Work-arounds, and troubleshooting is their daily zoo.

That little germ from China has caused a mighty roar

Stay home, wash hands, and be wary of what’s outside your door.

Please thank your IT teammates and be thankful its not you,

But rest assured that in the end beating bugs is what they do.


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