Day: September 18, 2019

The Original BankAmericard

September 18th : The Credit Card is 61 years old today

On September 18th, 1958 the modern day credit card was born in Fresno, California. It would take the small California bank a few years to turn a profit with the gimmick, but it eventually did…and boy did it take off! Driving trillions of dollars of commerce across the globe. Andreesen Horowitz has a fun little […]

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Michael Manos Leading the Panel Discussion
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Merchants Advisory Group Annual Meeting Redux

Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of hosting a panel on the technology architecture, software development, and infrastructure stacks required across the payment landscape of today’s regulatory and business demand. Fintech (in all of its flavors and varieties) of course is a hot topic and the attendance in the room was a good indicator […]

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