Diwali 2019

A quick pose with Shreya Shah the mastermind behind our Diwali celebration

Diwali came late to the Terrell Mill campus at Fiserv this year. For reasons too numerous to mention, our celebration slipped past the actual Diwali holiday into the following week. But that delay did nothing to dampen joy and celebration as we observed it at work.

The Festival of lights is an Indian holiday that celebrates good over evil and usually lasts for five days. So we had to make up for a lot of time in the celebration. Organized by employees and our Asian Resource Group, the day featured an incredible catwalk of people dressed in traditional clothing, more food than you could possibly imagine, and of course…dancing!

With Indian music videos playing on all the screens, crowds gathered from every area in the building and joyous music blasting through the cafeteria, the halls were filled with endless laughter. Easily, one of the best events ever put on at the location.

I call this dance move, screwing in the lightbulb. 🙂

Although to be honest that laughter may have been aimed more at my dancing as I tried to mimic and learn the traditional dancing. Two things are clear I am a terrible dancing student despite some expert teachers and it’s clear that I will not have a career in Bollywood.

Today was definitely one of those days I came home smiling.


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  1. You seem like an amazing boss Michael! Makes me happy to see how this connects with your other posts surrounding being a good leader by taking interest in your employees and not letting your profession that also happens to be your hobby burn you out.

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