Things I thought I would NEVER Say: ‘Wow! I would totally buy that Buick!’

Its been an interesting week for EV announcements. First there were a few articles out there announcing customer delivery for the Ford F150 Lightning Pickup truck. Those that know me well know that I have driven pick-up trucks almost as long as I have known how to drive. I have moved around brands a bit from Chevy to RAM to Ford back to RAM again. I just like the size, comfort, strength and presence of a truck. The ability to haul stuff has come in more handy than I would admit and as a big guy, I dont have to squeeze into one.

The landscape of EV trucks has been a bit bleak. There were some interesting early truck players that all seemed to have evaporated. The Alpha Wolf+, The Bollinger B2, and others. I am not too thrilled with Lightning. The Rivian doesnt have the attitude I require. That probably sounds weird but it just looks like a cartoony smiley face truck in the front… like I am watching Pixar’s Cars franchise. I wont even entertain a conversation around a CyberTruck as it looks like the super cheap cars my mom would buy me from a Ben Franklin store instead of Matchbox branded toy cars I wanted. So I still await an EV Truck that will get me excited.

Secondly the firm who has taken on the DeLorean brand has announced their new DeLorean Alpha 5 – which honestly looks beautiful definitely caught my eye. But with an $175,000 price tag – I dont like it that much. Especially for mostly vaporware.

Then yesterday I see the new Buick Wildcat concept. Its designed around the GM battery base which means its probably more real than the DeLorean experiment. It reminds me of a strange cross between the classic elegant style of the early roadsters, some sexy lines and wide forward stance like a predator about to pounce then add a dash of Hanna-Barbera’s Jetsons for good measure. The interior is sleek and it looks like a car you would want to DRIVE.

I literally found myself thinking – Yeah I could totally see myself getting something like that. Imagine that. Me in a Buick. Its a bold new look for them and that is not just a marketing term in this case. The bottom line is that I am starting to get excited about what the EV revolution could produce. Will it be enough to get me out of my V8/Hemi Road Monster? We will see.


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