Helpful: Shh…This is Unsafe

Have you ever found yourself navigating to a site and getting the SSL warning from Chrome letting you know that the site is not private or does not have a valid certificate? This is obviously a good security warning practice in 99.5% of the time. However, if you are like me – you may have software or infrastructure components with built in http based access methodologies that do not have the ability to add an SSL cert or worked around. Ever since Chrome removed the ‘Proceed Anyway’ button I had been forced to use other browsers or other methods to try and access these sites or devices. That all changed when I learned about this little trick. If you are ever presented with message :

The connection to this site is not secure

Simply type the following on your keyboard and the page will proceed normally.


Clearly you should only do this if you know your use case, the application, or the device in question. I would never recommend visiting a site not fully under my control and doing this.


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