What Caught My Eye – Week Ending June 25, 2022

Each week I read through a crazy amount of content. Who knows what will catch my eye. Some times I may devote an entire post to something, other times it may just be little mind worms that either inspire me, make me mad or even laugh. You never know what I may put here. I have an eclectic collection of interests in life. Items are posted in no particular order, and I will provide the full link to the articles in case anyone is interested in checking them out.

TL;DR? This week we cover a quick set of links covering :

  1. Bears on Parade – Moments of Zen, or maybe just Bearin’ Around
  2. Outage Management – Looking past the event
  3. Of Apples, Meditations, and Dead Roman Caesars
  4. Their day in court – The Capital One / AWS Hacker incident
  5. Ultraman!

Bears on Parade – Moments of Zen, or maybe just Bearin’ Around

Anyone catch the game last night?

Folks at Dun & Bradstreet know that I always have one screen on moments of zen. A few months ago I had trained my virtual attention to the Great Moose Migration in Sweden which was available on Twitch via the SVT_Slow Channel. It was 24×7 creeping on wild Moose. Its now time for those cute cuddly flesh tearing brown bears to get their moment in the sun. I present my new moments of zen – The live Bear watch in Alaska. Ok its actually the Katmai Cam Live Channel on Explore.org. I caught these fellas salmon it up!

Outage Management – Looking past the event.

There was quite a bit of news this week regarding the Cloudflare outage on the 21st this week. You may or may not have experienced or got caught up in it. While most articles focused on the event itself with varying degrees of arm-chair quarterbacking and not-so-silent judging I was focused on something else entirely. I have no relationship professional or otherwise with Cloudflare (actually I do use their public DNS addresses as a backup in my home configurations) but I do know that their infrastructure and systems are incredibly complex. What was it that I focused on? The communication, detail and transparency of the issue was absolutely world-class. In a space where firms regularly over-simplify or generalize what happened, they went fully the other way. The root cause and explanation was superb and enlightened on a different level than most. From me they get nothing but Kudos on how to run an issue and communicate it out. Great Job.

Of Apples, Meditations and Dead Roman Caesars

For those who have read my blog and know me, I have this weird fascination for philosophy and its use (intended or unintended) in our society. What can I say, I am a weird guy. Whether its conversations with or reading books by Tom Morris or the classics. It is a topic that just resonates with me. My youngest son proves the proverbial apple does not roll far from the tree. He keeps a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations with him and I am afraid to say I had never read it all the way through. So I made it a point to do so over the course of the last week. I found that MIT has the resources online to read at your leisure.

Their day in court – The Capital One / AWS Hacker Incident

A few years back their was much to-do about an alleged breach of Amazon Web Services and Capital one which was initially billed as security issues in the cloud. As it progressed it became clear that the root issue was an inside job. News this week that court proceedings have finally come to an end. Posts on Dark Reading and the New York Times had good insights on the results of a bad actor insider.


When I was a kid I would tune in on Saturday mornings to watch a whole block of Japanese television shows. Despite the campy feel, terrible costumes, and terrible lip-synching efforts – Ultraman was always one of my favorite shows. I cannot hide my unimaginable joy at hearing there is a new full length movie out in Japan. No idea when its coming to the States… but when it does… I am there. [UPDATED: The original link went dead… modified new link below]


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