The hole at the Center of the Milky Way

May 12th. Not as catchy as May the 4th (be with you), or Revenge of the Fifth. But in pure space terms its going to be a doozy of a day. Scientists involved with the EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) Project have been teasing for some time that they have big news to announce.

The bet is that they will unveil the super massive black hole in Sagittarius A located in the Center of the Milky Way. This may quite be the worst kept secret in science. Then again, maybe they are about to exclaim Psych! on a global scale.

There will be simultaneous news conferences around the world detailing their findings. The EHT Project essentially creates an earth-sized telescope. One that has been targeting the event horizon of… you guessed it… black holes. If this comes true it will be the second known photo of a black hole, and the first of the one in our neighborhood of space.

You can watch the event here or here live at 13:00 Universal time on May 12th. You can also get more information at the EHT Project website.

Dont know what Universal time is? Well it used to be called Greenwich Mean Time. Well technically I guess its the successor to it. You do your own figuring here. For us in the Eastern US its at 9:00am.


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