MotoMadness Build Part Two

The saga continues…

Power Supply Up and running!
BIOS Menu came right up.

After receiving the new ROG 850W Power Supply Unit I once again ventured into the build and got to work. The new PSU worked like a champ it only took a few moments to throw the proverbial (and literal) switch. It took just a few moments to see the BIOS screen come to life with all of the correct information and identification of everything that been installed.

Breathing a sigh of relief I moved onto the Operating system load. I grabbed my Windows 11 USB ISO key and attempted the install but did not get very far. After entering in a valid Windows 11 License Key, I was immediately notified that the system did not make the grade. Im guessing one truly needs a 12th generation processor to make the grade.

No Win11 for You!
No Windows 11 For you!

So I quickly ditched the Win11 USB key, and grabbed my trusty Win10 ISO key and started again. This time it worked like a charm and I quickly went into the setup. It did not immediately recognize the Fenvi Wireless card, so I connected it up to my home Internet via direct attached ethernet and off it went.

After spending some time updating drivers, installing ICUE for the Corsair RGB components, and started to re-theme Windows to match the custom color scheme of the build itself. Everything was going well until I discovered that one of my RGB Fans seems to have been somewhat defective, or perhaps my second RGB hub was not working correctly. ICUE discovered both of the RGB hubs, and all fans were lit up, but the singular fan (mounted on the rear of the case) just would not take any of the color configurations. But unfortunately I would need to take a trip up to my primary workshop to get another fan, a Corsair Commander, and potentially another RGB hub to ensure I could effectively troubleshoot this issue. This meant, it was going to take a little more time. Normally it would not take that much time, but I have a work trip coming up that will delay my ability to finish this thing off.

Still the build was shaping up nicely to my internal six year old self. This thing was looking wicked cool. Still not done, but getting there.

Well intrepid reader I am afraid you will need to sit through at least one more post for me to close this build out. Stay tuned for the MotoMadness Build: The Final Chapter. 🙂


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