LinkedIn and email Annoyances…

At the risk of sounding like the old guy yelling at kids to get off his lawn – Does this actually work with anyone?

Hi Michael, I am currently working with a venture capital firm [Or client, or market leader, or start-up] who would like to speak with an expert, like yourself, knowledgeable about Payment Processing Tech Market [Or Company or Whatever Area]. Given your background, I think you would provide a strong educational perspective via a 30-60 minute phone consultation with the client and [Insert Firm Name HERE] would compensate you for your time at an hourly consulting rate [Or sometimes a flat rate or sometimes a Starbucks gift card]. Do you have 05-10 minutes today so I can provide you more details about this? [I do love how they proceed the 5 minutes with a zero…its more precise that way] Please let me know your best phone number and email for a quick chat.

Many thanks,

Rando McRandoman

I must get 15-20 of these kinds of emails or LinkedIn notices a week. I never answer them. I generally make note of the firm they represent and put them on my personal black-list of spammers or route all mail or messages from them to my own personal bitbucket hell.

In my experience – if a VC or VC Firm wanted my perspective on something they usually track me down and talk to me personally. They never offer me Starbucks coffee cards, money, stock options, offers to send grandma on that Alaskan Cruise she has been wanting. No, its almost always done more in a professional courtesy type of engagement. I mean, at a certain level people just reach out directly. You know the way they used to do it in the old days? Back when kids knew not to get on my lawn? I know someone, who knows someone, who knows that person. Let me make introductions. Having some Rando fresh out school kid try and make the connection for you almost feels… like an insult? No offense to lawn trampling fresh out of school professionals. Everyone has to make the proverbial buck I guess.

Besides most of the people who know things are bound by non-disclosure agreements anyway.

I mean this must work at a certain level or they would not do this kind of thing I guess. But after hundreds of emails from the same firms (many times the same people) you would think they would get the hint. Perhaps if they keep mixing up the enticement for your time, they will eventually find your weak spot.

Now go ahead and get off my lawn.


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