Baldwin Brother/Cloud Provider Theory

I am just wrapping up a personal project on one of the big cloud providers. Its really more of a lead by example kind of thing than anything individually useful. However, at the conclusion of this project I will have built pretty significant projects on all of the major cloud providers on the market today.

In my explorations of the capabilities, services, and features on all of these platforms I have come to growing realization and analogy. The worlds major cloud providers are the electronic equivalent of the Baldwin brothers. They all seem to have strong jaw-lines, good hair, piercing eyes, and the like. But they somehow are not put together the same way, in the same proportions, or the same amounts of those things. Sometimes you get some little extra bits too which may be good or somehow ruin the greater package.

Before you ask – No I am not going to tell you which provider equates to which Baldwin brother in my experience. But your welcome to make your own assessments. 🙂


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