Poof! Where did all your posts go!

If you are a long time reader you may be wondering what happened to all of my posts from 2002 through roughly August of 2019 and where they went. The simple answer is this: The posts are still there. All archived off. Including all of the witty and not so witty comments I have collected over almost a decade of running this blog. It is an amazing amount of work to curate such a massive pile of nonsensical ramblings and observations. In my bid to simplify and strive for a new and improved “LooseBolts” I kind of wanted to start with a clean slate.

To that end, I will be very happy to re-post any items that you want, but you will have to request them or I may re-post them myself if any of my previous predictions become true which may accidentally prove that even a broken clock has the correct time two times per day.

Apologies for any inconveniences!


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