Looking for Technology Talent – Beijing, China

Global Pandemics. Wars and Conflicts. Social and Political unrest. The world is changing on us every day. Its changing how we live, work, and play. It’s causing everyone I know to re-evaluate what is important in their lives. One major aspect of that self-evaluation is the work that you do every day, who you work with and who you work for. It’s no surprise that the ‘The Great Resignation’ has caused unprecedented professional movement. Especially in Technology. This movement in many cases has also caused ‘The Great Regret’. From the individual professional to the firms hiring them we all seem to be a bit adrift looking for our right place in the world with the right folks to work with.

With my new-ish role leading Technology at Dun & Bradstreet I am no exception. I have a whole host of technology or technology related positions all over the world that I am looking to fill. More than half of that battle is getting the right attention on the opportunities and the positions to the amazing people in your network. As such I decided to post a series of roles I am looking for across the world or for key functions.

This post is one of them, specifically focused on important roles I have open in Beijing, China.

Below I have posted all of my open positions and the link to directly apply to the role directly into our process. If you are looking to find that exact spot where you might be able to find a home in a great company, with global scale, in an exciting, evolving and transforming business , working in an organization run by a slightly more than crazed lover of technology and explorer of what is possible (me) – this may be the place for you.

Given the number of positions we are looking for I am probably the worst person to ask about specifics for any specific role, but the links below will definitely put you in front of each of my hiring managers.

If you are a recruiting or placement firm – please know that I will not respond to cold inquiries. If you have a relationship with my firm then work through your Human Resources or Sourcing partner if you have great talent. If you would like to have a relationship with my firm – you should reach out to those professionals. This is just me reaching out to my network. The old fashioned word of mouth way (maybe with a more modern twist).

So without further ado – Here is what I am looking for:

Senior Software Engineerhttps://jobs.lever.co/dnb/d4a84ff0-8e71-4b32-b462-0ffc2b86b346
Senior Software Engineer (Frontend) (R-11298)https://jobs.lever.co/dnb/874f389d-90f8-4bda-862f-6f761f5fab69


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