Please Pardon the Dust…

Please Pardon my dust… I am consolidating/rearranging/and collapsing various vehicles of my digital footprint.  Those of you who pay attention to such things will notice that various external blog posts I have made are making their way to this new SINGLE Platform.   The journey of transforming First Data has been a heck of an effort and really sucked up a ton of my time professionally, personally, and spiritually.   There have been amazing leaps forward, some side steps, a temporary retreat or two, and one metric ton (probably closer to 600 metric tons actually) of hard work, sweat, and spent brain cells.  While internally I regularly communicate my external efforts have fallen significantly off.  I have been remiss and will try and be better. Moving forward.   Lots of interesting (I think) stories to share.   Stay tuned.


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A simple father of 3, stepdad of 2. A lover of technology, outdoors, and my wife. Occasional Blogger, Full time Nerd. Striving for balance in Time and Passion management.

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